AMP Containers Scoresby

Acoustic Enclosures

APM Containers' plant in Scoresby, Victoria includes machinery to corrugate paper to form various grades of corrugated fibreboard.

These machines operate at speeds of up to 250m/min. The process generates noise levels around 105 dB(A) at 1 metre in an environment of high temperature and humidity around sections of the machine.
Following technical assessment of submissions by R.T. Benbow & Associates, APM Containers contracted NAP Silentflo to design, manufacture and supply two acoustic enclosures (approximately 8.7m x 7.Om x 5.5m high) to reduce the noise level to 85 dB(A) at the operator's console adjacent to the machine.
The enclosures were also required to ensure minimum plant noise levels at the adjacent residences, in accordance with Victorian EPA requirements.

A requirement of the design was that the enclosures be fully demountable for maintenance purposes. The enclosures incorporated NAP Silentflo Sound Snap panels, mounted on to an RHS structural steel frame, designed to also support the ventilation system.
Intake air to each enclosure was provided through several NAP Silentflo 450 H-Line acoustic louvres installed at floor level.

Two 750mm diameter axial fans, mounted on the enclosures roof, exhausted sufficient air to change the room air volume at least once every minute. This prevents heat build up and excessive condensation within the enclosure.

The machine noise emanating from the exhaust outlet is attenuated through CSP 76/150 silencers before discharging to atmosphere.

Acceptance tests following completion of the installation confirmed the 85 dB(A) noise level had been achieved at the operator's console. In addition, the NAP Silentflo Sound Snap enclosures have been very effective in reducing the overall plant noise at the neighbouring properties to acceptable levels.
The above work assisted NAP Silentflo in obtaining additional contracts for the `B' and `C' flute Corrugators at the APM Containers plant in Adelaide.

This work was successfully completed in a very short space of time (as a result of operational requirements) over the 1990 Christmas New Year period.

NAP Silentflo enclosures, doors, silencers and mufflers have been used by all major Australian paper and pulp producers with great success.