Bank of China, Hong Kong

Acoustic Air-handling Units

The commercial noise control required in the construction of the fifth highest building in the world, the prestigious 70 storey Bank of China's new headquarters in Hong Kong, was particularly challenging, even by modern standards.

NAP Silentflo, and its Hong Kong licensee were selected to design, test, supply and install thirty four specially designed built-up Acoustic Air-handling Units (AHD's).
The specification called for an internal office noise level no greater than NC35, despite the fact that air conditioning fan power levels on-site rise to 109dB and the AHU room was constructed from light-weight dry wall partitioning materials.

To achieve this requirement, NAP Silentflo, in each unit, used independently tested proven products such as NAP 100mm Sound Snap panels to prevent noise break out, and `H' series silencers to attenuate air-borne duct noise.

These acoustic AHU's meet all aerodynamic and mechanical tests applied, including a stringent conformance test in March 1988, witnessed by the project's American consultants.
NAP Sound Snap Panels and silencers have been specified as standard equipment in many hundreds of Australian and international projects. The use of NAP Silentflo acoustic AHU's in many projects has proven their engineering feasibility and economic benefits for major commercial developments with zoned air-conditioning.

The Sound Snap Panel range is also proven in large and small acoustic enclosures for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.