Grosvenor Place, Sydney - Rialto, Melbourne

Over recent years the pace of commercial development in Australia has been nothing short of amazing.
Growing with it has been the need for accurate, reliable suppression of the air-borne duct noise associated with the huge air conditioning plants installed in modern buildings.

However, in addition to the suppression of plant room air-conditioning noise, silencing of supply and return air ducts and car park exhausts is often required.

Such were the demands made of acoustic engineers, NAP Silentflo, in the fit-out of the 53 storey Grosvenor Place project in Sydney and the 60 storey Rialto Twin Tower building in Melbourne.
In the Grosvenor Place project almost four hundred NAP Silentflo silencers were installed to attenuate fan noise emanating from the massive high pressure ductwork system.

The mechanical services engineers also fitted NAP Silentflo silencers to axial flow car park exhaust fans in the basement, ensuring acceptable noise levels were obtained.
Similar silencing treatment was accorded to the Rialto.

In general, NAP Silentflo `D' and `H' series rectangular silencers and NAP Silentflo 'CS' and 'CSP' circular silencers have become standard equipment on many commercial developments throughout Australia. These proven products have also given many years of trouble free service in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and other international centres.