Katherine Power Station

The challenge on this project for the Northern Territory Power and Water Authority (PAWA) was to achieve a guaranteed 85 dB(A) noise level at 1 metre from all turbine power related equipment, and NR 55 at 100m in any direction from the gas turbine base load power station at Katherine in the Northern Territory, Australia.

For conformance test purposes, NAP Silentflo, leading designers and manufacturers of turbine noise control equipment had to achieve these specifications under a test basis of five turbines running full load, although only three 8 MW Solar Mars Gas Turbines had initially been ordered and installed.

Accordingly, the company designed, fabricated and supplied three circular turbine exhaust silencers, turbine inlet ductwork and silencers, and machine hall acoustic enclosures. Ventilation ductwork, fans and silencers were supplied under a separate contract to ^astomer, Solar Turbines Australia.

The contract required the use of NAP's full range of noise suppression products. Other NAP Silentflo acoustic products installed include

No. 2 of a series
NAP ventilation and industrial silencers, mufflers, acoustic doors, acoustic louvres and Sound Snap panels. Materials used ranged from galvanised sheet and mild steels through to Corten weather resistant steels and grade 304 stainless steel.

The contract requirements, and exceptional incidents including train derailments with the total loss of three complete loads, stretched NAP's resources and engineering expertise to the limits. The company completed installation on time and on budget in July 1987 and Katherine authorities are totally satisfied with the result.

Whilst internal noise levels exceed 100 dB(A), measurements taken at a distance of 5m from any point of the turbine enclosure, or intake and exhaust silencers, have shown noise levels to be less than 65 dB (A).
NAP Silentflo's successful work on this project resulted in the awarding, in 1990, of the acoustic contract for similar intake silencing to 6 Solar Mars Units on the SECWA Dampier-Bunbury Pipeline in Western Australia.