Singapore MRT

Expertise developed in the construction of the Melbourne Underground Railway Loop has stood premier Acoustic Engineers, NAP Silentflo, in good stead with its contract to provide noise suppression equipment for Singapore's giant Mass Rapid Transit system.

The Singapore project involved construction of almost 70 kilometres of track and 42 stations, much of it underground or via tunnels.

The MRT Authority realised there would be large community noise problems generated by the huge tunnel ventilation air flows and issued a tender for supply of industrial silencers.
Despite strong international competition, NAP Silentflo's Singapore licensee won the S$1 million contract to supply 270 `D' and `H' series silencers.

The specification required acoustic testing by an approved laboratory. Accordingly, NAP Silentflo engaged Technisearch, a subsidiary of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT),

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NAP to conduct stringent independent acoustic tests in their Applied Physics laboratories. These ensured the silencer designs complied with the specification, prior to actual construction. Design assurance was thus guaranteed.

The project, which required suppression of fan noise at air flows up to 120m3/sec, was completed on time and on budget.

NAP Silentflo's Hong Kong licensee has since been awarded the contract to supply industrial silencers for the HK$4 billion Hong Kong Eastern Harbour Crossing Tunnel ventilation system. These silencers were also tested in accordance with the consultant's specification.

NAP Silentflo's expertise in tunnel noise control and MRT systems has also lead to contracts for the supply and installation of silencers for the massive Sydney Harbour Tunnel project, involving almost A$2.5 million worth of silencers for the tunnel and pylon ventilation systems.