Victorian Arts Center

Main Acoustic Doors

NAP Silentflo, leading designers and manufacturers of noise control equipment, won its first major door contract for seven large acoustic doors for the Victorian Arts Centre in 1979.

The brief given by the design engineers for the Victorian Arts Centre was to provide exceptionally low listening levels in the complex's maze of concert halls and theatres.

The company achieved these requirements through the design and construction of a range of acoustic doors, the largest of which were two motorized sliding doors measuring 9m x 5.8m wide and weighing up to 8 tonne each.

These two doors serve the rear and side stage areas of the State Theatre. To achieve the specified STC55 rating, the doors were required to be 200mm thick.

Smaller doors, including those located at the edge of the stage for the Playhouse Theatre, were required to achieve a rating of STC 40 and were made 150mm thick.

All these customised sliding doors utilize adjustable clearance seals around the full perimeter to minimise gaps and noise leakage. A pneumatic seal on the jambs of the doors inflate automatically when the door is closed. Separate pneumatic seals at the sill of the doors maintain the door performance.

The acoustic criterion is achieved by the use of head seals and side seals of fabricated steel C section, the open face being filled with absorptive mineral wool.

The doors are operated via a variable speed DC motor and reduction gearbox which drive an adjustable shock resistant chain drive mechanism.

NAP Silentflo has since supplied similar large acoustic doors to theatres, film studios, major entertainment venues, media organisations in locations as far apart as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, Hong Kong and other South East Asian cities.

These large acoustic doors are also ideally suited to major industrial complexes such as dockyards, diesel or gas turbine power stations, mineral processing plants and pumping stations.