Eco Barriers

With new freeways, roads and railways passing through high density urban areas and noise sensitive residital areas the increasing noise levels of enviromental noise is of major concern.

NAP Silentflo's Eco-Barriers have been specifically developed with this problem in mind. They are desinged for use in a wide range of applications and conditions.

Unlike many commonly used barriers that also reflect unwanted noise the Eco-Barriers come with absorptive faces to reduce unwanted reflected noise. They are a highly effective high performance absorptive type barrier.

Special Features

Enviromentally friendly, made from re-cycled materials
Do not absorb moisture
Resist most chemicals
Will not swell, rot or delaminate
Excellent weather and corrosion resistance
High UV resistance
Does not promote mold or bacterial growth
Anti graffiti
Low maintenance
Easy clean, non stick surface
Colour fully impregnated
Excellent absobtion characteristics
Minimul noise leak due to special interlocking system

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