Dyna Doors

NAP Silentflo makes an extensive range of acoustic doors custom built to suit individual requirements. Selections are made according to the degree of sound isolation required, space available, fire rating requirements and the environment in which the door will be located.

A typical example of this professional approach can be seen in the doors supplied and installed at the Victorian Arts Center.


Reduction of interference from externally generated noises in Cinemas, Concert Halls, Opera Houses Radio and Television studios

Reduction of plant noise intrusion from Generator rooms, Air-Conditioning plant rooms, Compressor and Boiler houses, Pumping stations and Electricity sub-stations

Reduction of external noise to provide a suitable acoustic environment in Outside Broadcasting Announcing Booths, Airport Control Towers and Power Station Control Rooms

Provide noise reduction for other technical facilities such as Audiometric ROoms, Anechoic or Reverberation Chambers and Laboratories

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