Audio Metric Rooms

The NAP audiometric room is used to reduce ambient noise levels in a test space to below the maximum acceptable levels defined in AS/NZS1269. They are designed to achieve a background noise level of 14bD at 1000Hz, when NAP Audiometric Rooms are used in areas with an ambient noise level of less that 65dB(A). When it is required to conduct audiometric testing in areas with noise levels higher than this, special high performance double shell isolation rooms are available on request.

Standard Features

Double hinged single door
Built in air-relief silencers for ventilation (non protruding)
Window fitted in side wall, double glazed. 560mm wide x 560mm high
Incandescent light with onloff switch wired to an external junction box
Jack panel consisting of three ring tip and sleeve jack plugs, completely wired
Base isolated on four anti-vibration mounts
Carpeted floor
Weight of the booth is approximately 500kg, distributed over four points

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