Devil Silencers

Five types of industrial silencers are listed below:

RAE medium degree straight through absorption type.
RIE or RIS multi-chamber reactive type silencer for industrial area applications.
RRE or RRS multi-chamber reactive type silencers with higher performance for residential area applications.
RR/AE or RR/AS multi-chamber silencers combining maximum reactive performance and absorption design for critical high performance requirements.
SASE multi-chamber spark arrester silencers for applications where spark control is required.


Options Available

Matching flange kit, comprising two flanges, gaskets and two sets of nuts and bolts (EK kit)
Support brackets for vertical or horizontal installation
Designed to pressure vessel standards, AS1210, BS5500 or ASMEVIII
Flanged stainless steel expansion bellows
Tail pipes, transition pipes, ducting and flues
Construction in special steels
Surface treatment of blast clean, aluminum metal spray and epoxy sealer to BS2569 Part 2
Lifting hooks, mounting brackets or support legs on larger models.

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